BADS BKA Tuition Overview 

Throughout the year BADS BKA run numerous events for members and non-members to introduce beekeeping, improve your beekeeping and help with official BBKA qualifications.

The schedule for 2019 has not been created yet. Please watch this page for further announcements and contact details.

We run days for non-beekeepers and courses for existing beekeepers.

As an example of what we normally do, the schedule of courses for existing bee keepers last year is shown below:


Education Programme – November 2017 to Summer 2018

Beginners Course: Theory but mainly Practical Beekeeping

Place: High Mead

Dates:  14  21  28 April  5 May,      and if there is sufficient demand,

12  19  26 May   2 June

Time:    2  to  4pm

Cost:      Members £ 40       Non Members  £50

Topics:  Equipment needed and Apiary siting

How to get Bees

Apiary Hygiene

Handling of Bees

Recognition of different Brood Stages

The importance of feeding

Numbers will be limited to 12 people and therefore enrolment is necessary

Basic Course: Assessment Course for Basic Beekeepers and Also Improvers

Place:   High Mead

Dates:  14  21  28 April  5  12  19  May

Time:   10am to 12.30pm

Cost:     £ 60    Non Members  £  75

Topics:  Natural History/  Beekeeping/ Swarming and its Prevention/ Pest and

Diseases/ See BBKA Basic Syllabus

Practical:  Swarm Control


Shook Swarm

Disease and Pest Recognition plus IPM

Making a Nuc

Dealing with Unpleasant Bees

Numbers are again limited – Enrolment necessary

Module 1:  Honeybee Management  – An Examination Course

         Place:  High Mead

Dates:  20  27 January  3  10  February   3 March

Examination is on 24th March

Time:  10am to 12 am

Cost:    £ 30    Non Members £ 40

Course Content :  See BBKA we-site Module 1 Syllabus

Previous Exam Papers will be available and used in the course and guidance given.

To run this Module 1 Course we need a group of a minimum of 5 people.

Module 6:  Bee Behaviour  –  General Interest Study Group

Led by Kelly Smith, with the study group members expected to


Place:    35 Dunkeld Road, Bournemouth BH3 7EW

When:   30 November,  7 December,  11 January,  8 February,   8 March

Time:    7.30 to 9.00pm

Cost:    £ 5

Enrolment necessary,   there are 6 places left.

A course for children aged between 10 to 16 is planned for next year, June into July.

If you think your child might be interested than please let me know and perhaps this can be taken further.