Urgent request from Paul Mann


If you are requeening any of your colonies, or know of someone who is, may I have the old queens, alive. I am trying to over winter 10 queens in a single Langstroth brood box.

Thank you

Paul Mann (01202 773844)

Annual skittles match against East Dorset

Thursday 18th October.

At 7.00pm at the Hamworthy Club, Canford Magna, BH21 3AP we will be holding the annual skittles match against East Dorset.

This is always an enjoyable evening; a chance to catch up with fellow beekeepers, chat to members of EDBKA and enjoy the skittles.

There is also food available and closer to the date I will send out a menu from which you can choose, in the meantime, please do put the date in your dairy or on your calendar, as we would like to see as many BADS members there as possible.



Peter Darley
3 Dorset House
42 The Avenue
Poole, Dorset.
BH13 6HE.
07825 014757

David and Helga Aldersey announcement

6/9/2018 From Helga:

Dear All,

David and I have decided to step back from our roles as apiary manager and education
co-ordinator as from the end of this season.

The Association is therefore looking for members to come forward to help fill these posts. Anybody who thinks they would like to take part in organising and delivering a education programme next year please contact Sheila Orr at: secretary@bads-bka.org

Helga Aldersey

Asian Hornet found in Fowey area, South Cornwall


Government announce the National Bee Unit has confirmed a sighting of the Asian hornet in the Fowey area of south Cornwall

There has been a sighting of an Asian Hornet in Fowey in Cornwall. We believe it was spotted and photographed but not captured. |The NBU is in Cornwall setting traps.

Please can every beekeeper monitor the insects in their garden, allotment or hedgerows, it is best if you spend about 15 minutes or longer looking at one area as insects can come and go quite frequently.

If members use a monitoring trap, please check it daily, release the good insects after making sure that an Asian Hornet is not there.

In Autumn, the preferred bait is proteins like fish heads and prawns as they need to build up their fat bodies for winter, so bait your trap accordingly but do remember not to use anything your own bees would eat.

If you can identify the insects trapped it would help but if you cannot, take a photograph with your phone.

If you do see an Asian Hornet on a hedgerow, again take a picture but make sure that you follow its flight path and make a note of the direction as Asian Hornets fly in a straight line from food to colony.

Should you spot an Asian hornet, please call your bee inspector and alert your own branch committee so that we can extend the searches quickly.

We cannot stress how dangerous these Hornets can be to our pollinating insects.

Margaret Wilson, BBKA Chairman

Please see here for full details from NBU


Kevin Pope, our seasonal bee-inspector, has informed us that an Asian Hornet was found about 10 days ago on the ferry about an hour after it had left Poole. It had no ticket(!) and so it was impossible to determine whether it had come from France and was on its way home or more worryingly it was leaving England

.Kevin has asked all of us to put out wasp traps and to monitor what is caught. A one or one and half litre plastic bottle with the top quarter cut off and inserted upside down(without its lid) will work. It should be baited with dark beer and as much sugar as it will take (jam melted in hot water is almost as good).

If you see anything that resembles an Asian Hornet please tel. Kevin immediately and he will come and see what you have got. You can check what an Asian Hornet looks like on the NBU website.

Kevin’s number is: 07775 119466

For the sake of all our bees please act NOW.

The Dorset Convention Sunday 21st October 2018

The Dorset Convention

When: Sunday 21st October

Where: At the Blandford School, Milldown Road Blandford Forum DORSET

Blandford School

Programme for the day

9.30 Doors Open

10.00-11.00 Celia Davis to speak on  In Self Defence

11.00 -11.30  Coffee/ tea

11.30- 12.30 Pam Hunter to speak on The Evolution Of Plants and Insects

12.30- 1.30 Lunch

1.30 -2.30 Dan Basterfield to speak on Reading Bees

2.30-3.00 Tea and cake

3.00-4.00 Anne Rowberry to speak on Shopping for the Colony, where, why how and what bees forage for.

Tickets for the Dorset Convention are now available for purchase online, and the link to the booking site is http://buytickets.at/dorsetbka/186441.  Details of the event are given on the booking site, and you can buy tickets for either admission only or admission plus lunch. The lunch provided includes cold meats, cheese, different salads and a pudding it costs £12

The tickets will be emailed to you – and please make sure you bring them with you.

You can also pay £15 on the day at the door but you will not be able to buy the lunch as this has to be booked in advance. Alternatively you can bring a packed lunch.

Other attractions

Lin Coleman from Stockbridge Thorne’s shop will have a stall selling beekeeping equipment. If you order it before hand I am sure she will bring anything you need with her.

Northern Bee books will have a stall of books on Beekeeping; if you want a particular book let me or Jerry Burbidge know to include it in the collection of books

Tea and cake provided by Blandford and Sturminster BKA in the afternoon.


BBKA Plan for Nationwide Queen Rearing Training

25 July 2018

The British Beekeepers Association ( BBKA) which represents more than 25,000 beekeepers has set out plans for a nationwide system of training beekeepers to rear new Queen bees.There has been a lack of commercial bee breeders in the UK and a consequent reliance on imported Queens. These queens, although checked for health, are not adapted to our climate. There is an increasing interest in the qualities of native black bees too.


High Mead Apiary Inspection followed by Club BBQ 14th July 14:00

On Saturday 14th July from 14:00 at the High Mead Farm Apiary there will be an inspection of the hives by Seasonal Bee Inspector Kevin Pope.

This is always extremely interesting and informative. Kevin points out tings to look for in your hives and current problems that the Bee Inspectors are finding locally and Nationally.

Following on from Kevin’s inspection the club will hold a BBQ at High Mead.

Please notify our club secretary Shiela Orr (Sheilaorr5@hotmail.com) asap if you intend to be there so that we can buy a suitable amount of food.