Show Classes

All classes 30p per entry now free entry

  1. Two 1lb (454g) jars of light honey.
  2. Two 1lb (454g) jars of medium honey.
  3. Two 1lb (454g) jars of dark honey.
  4. Two 1lb (454g) jars of heather honey or heather blend honey.
  5. Two 1lb (454g) jars of set honey.
  6. Three 1lb jars (454g) of honey, any type or colour, but all the same with exhibitor’s own label:
    • To be judged for quality and sales appeal.
    • Labels must comply with existing legislation.
    • Any type of transparent jar and coloured lids allowed.
  7. One section of honey, square or round.
  8. Two containers of cut comb, not less than 6oz (170g) gross weight each.
  9. One comb, any size, suitable for extraction.
  10. This class is open to novice competitors only – see rule 13.
    • One 1lb (454g) jar of honey, any type or colour.
  11. Composite: any three from the following:
    • One 1lb (454g) jar liquid honey, one 1lb (454g) jar heather honey or heather blend honey, one 1lb (454g) jar set honey, one frame for extraction, one section (square or round), one cake of beeswax made in a plain mould min. Weight 4oz (115g)., one container of cut comb not less than 6oz (170g) gross weight.
  12. One cake of beeswax, made in a plain mould, min. Weight 6oz (170g) & min. 1/2 inch (12 mm) thick.
  13. Two beeswax candles – one to be lit by judge.
  14. Five 1oz (27g) blocks of beeswax, matching in all respects.
  15. One plain beeswax model, not moulded, including flowers. Colour and wire may be used if required. All candles excluded.
  16. One bottle mead (state whether sweet or dry).
  17. An interesting or instructive exhibit directly relating to bees or beekeeping, not including live bees. If dimensions exceed 600mm x 600mm (24” x 24“), please state on entry form as space is limited.
  18. An item of home made beekeeping equipment.
  19. Artwork illustrating any aspect of bees and beekeeping (eg. Sculpture, mobiles, collage, painting etc).
  20. One mounted photograph on any topic connected with beekeeping. Max. mount size A4.
  21. One honey fruit cake (see recipe).
  22. 12 pieces of honey fudge (see recipe).
  23. 6 small honey cakes using exhibitors own recipe.
    • Recipe to be provided for display with the entry