Honey Show Rules

Bournemouth & Dorset South Beekeepers Association Honey Show Rules – please read carefully

  1. Advance entry forms together with a stamped addressed envelope to reach the honey show secretary:
    • John Bunting, 75 Hayes Lane, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 2JD by 18/01/2013
    • Late entries will be accepted by phone up to 20th January 2013.
    • Late entries may, at the show secretary’s discretion, be accepted up to 12 noon on the day of the show, provided that the show secretary has received telephone notification of the expected entry. This is to enable labels to be prepared and staging layout to be established.
  2. Exhibitors may make more than one entry in a Class but will not be entitled to more than one award in any Class. In the honey
    classes (classes 1 to 11 inclusive), joint owners of an apiary may not make separate entries in the same class.
  3. Honey may be of any year.
  4. All exhibits must be the products of the exhibitor’s apiary excepting Classes 21, 22 & 23 (cookery classes) for which English honey may be purchased, and Class 13 (candles) for which beeswax may be purchased.
  5. All extracted honey must be exhibited in 1 lb squat British Standard jars with standard lacquered screw tops. (except for Class 6).
  6. Mead to be exhibited in a clear, unmarked wine bottle (approx. 26 fl. .oz.). The entry must indicate whether sweet or dry. Cork flanged stoppers with white plastic tops to be used.
  7. Frames to be in show cases glazed both sides and easily opened.
  8. Sections:
    • Square sections to be in commercial cases
    • Round sections must have transparent covers both sides, no banding to be attached.
  9. Candles: exhibitors to provide suitable holders so that candles may be displayed erect and safely lit.
  10. Cookery must be displayed on a plain white paper plate with doily and in a clear polythene bag.
  11. Labels:
    • Honey jars and mead bottles – numbered labels supplied by secretary are to be placed so as to leave 12mm between the label and the base of the jar or bottle.Mead to be labelled sweet or dry.
    • Sections/frame for extraction labels to be placed at the top right vertical corner of the case. Duplicate labels to be placed on section frame or frame top bar within show case.
    • Wax cake & wax blocks – label to be placed on the upper surface of the wax as displayed. Duplicate label to be placed on container (no exact position).
    • Cut com – one label to be affixed on the lid. Duplicate on one side of the container.
    • Cookery – labels to be placed on upper surface of entry and duplicate placed on the plate.
    • Candles and wax flowers – no exact position for labels.
    • Photograph – label to be placed at the bottom right hand corner of the mount.
  12. No card (other than those supplied by the secretary), label or trade distinguishing mark of exhibitor (class 6 excepted) may be placed on any part of an exhibit, nor must the labels be altered in any way whatsoever in shape or size.
  13. A novice is an exhibitor who has never won a first prize or trophy at any honey show.
  14. The judge’s decision is binding and final.
  15. Delivery, staging and collection of entries.
    • All exhibits to be delivered to the hall by 7.00pm.