Cups & Special Awards

The Ford CupMost points in show
The Tamplin Cake DishRunner up most points in show
The Hopgood CupNovice – Most points in show
The Campbell CupMost points by a member having no more than 6 colonies of bees
BADS Challenge ShieldMost points Classes 1 – 9 (inclusive)
The Templeman CupMost points in classes 7, 8 & 9
The Challenge TrophyMost points in classes 21, 22, & 23
Robert Smith CupMost points in classes 11, 12, 13, 14 & 16
The Bob Charles TrophyWinner of Class 2
Peter Norris TrophyWinner of Class 10
Paperweight TrophyWinner of Class 11
Wax BowlWinner of Class 12
Candlestick TrophyWinner of Class 13
The Bill Needle TrophyWinner of Class 16
The D.M. & S.M. Brown TrophyWinner of Class 17
Irene Archard CupWinner of Class 20
Treasurer’s CupBest Exhibit in Show

Points Awarded

First Prize:5 points
Second Prize:4 points
Third Prize:3 points
Highly Commended:2 points
Commended:1 point